Steam Cleaning Your Carpets around the Mornington Peninsula

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Usually after a long break or busy summer a lot of people will want to give the carpets a good steam clean due to the high foot traffic that has been in and out of the home and also to remove dust and any other possible allergens that may be lurking within the carpeting or rugs.

In this article I’ll show you how to go about steam cleaning your carpets, rugs, and upholstery. This is especially useful for people living around Frankston, Sorrento, Portsea, Rosebud, Dromana and the entire Mornington Peninsula and looking for a professional carpet cleaning service.

Preparing your home for the steam cleaning process

Firstly you need to pick a time when most people are out of the house. It’s always best to stay clean carpets in the morning, as this will allow maximum dry time during the day. It’s good if you have kids to go around and pick up any toys (or make them do it) which are laying around on the floors. Move all the small furniture to a place that is out of the way such as a laundry or outdoor area.

Another important point to remember when it comes to removing furniture is that the more areas that you can get to i.e. the high traffic areas, the cleaner your carpets will be at the end of the job. If you’re vacating the property for end of lease carpet cleaning then you won’t need to do much at all, apart from giving the home a good vacuum and making sure your utilities are connected.
If you’re going to steam the carpets yourself its best to aim the PH to be around the 10 or even less mark as this won’t affect the carpet in any negative way. Having the PH to high can cause problems with yellowing or browning due to too much product in the carpets. This can cause cellulose browning or yellowing.

If you’re hiring a professional carpet cleaning service make sure you give the carpet cleaner clear passage to water access, preferably the laundry as this will be outro if the way and make sure there will be the least amount of disruptions when it comes to a busy household.

Most machines that you hire will not give off that much pressure and suction so be advised there will be quite a lot of water that you will need to remove and you may need to do a number of passes to insure that the carpet is relatively dry and you have extracted the most amount of cleaning detergent and moisture out of your carpets. The last this you want is too much water being left in the carpets too long causing problems like mould, mildew and water marks.

Mornington Peninsula carpet cleaners will steam clean the property leaving no damp areas and will make sure the carpets are ready to walk on when they leave. See

They are experts in cleaning carpets which means that you don’t have to worry about things like over wetting which can cause a lot of problems mentioned earlier.

After the cleaning process has been completed by the carpet cleaning company make sure you open up all the windows if it’s a nice day or alternatively, turn on the air conditioner or fans. This will create plenty of the much needed airflow which speeds up the drying process.

If you need to replace your carpet check out

Be very careful not to put furniture back on damp carpet as this can cause staining due to the tannin from the wood leaching onto your carpets. I always suggest at least 24 hours before you start to move furniture back into their rightful place. Once the carpet is dry make sure you give them a good vacuum to bring the pile up and back into place which can sometimes look a bit odd after steam cleaning. If you want to decide on whether dry cleaning or steam cleaning is good for you check out this video below and you be the judge.

Tile Cleaning for Dummies

Image result for tile cleaningA specialist floor tile cleaning business recognizes that as well as recognizes exactly how to appropriately tidy and also preserve them. Ceramic tile Flooring Cleaning solutions likewise make use of leading high quality services that are safe to pet dogs as well as children alike.

Specialist cleansers understand every little thing there is to understand about ceramic tiles, which puts them at a benefit. They understand the various kinds of ceramic tiles, the various kinds of spots they are prone to, the type of cleaning each kind requires along with the sort of options required for various work.

A specialist ceramic tile cleaning firm comprehends that and also recognizes exactly how to appropriately tidy and also keep them. With the best expert floor tile cleaning solution, your ceramic tiles will certainly never ever shed their luster.

You will certainly have a skilled individual doing all the job for you and also they will certainly do it extremely effectively when you employ floor tile flooring cleaning solutions. This implies that you will certainly not need to damage your back rubbing all those spots that have actually ended up being an eye sore and also whatever will certainly be performed in the most effective method feasible. The cleaner will certainly likewise take great treatment of the floor tiles without damaging or creating problems to the ceramic tiles.

With those advantages of employing specialist ceramic tile flooring cleaning solutions, you could be guaranteed that the flooring in your home continues to be constantly tidy as well as well kept.

Floor tiles contribute to a residence a degree of layout performance a great deal of various other items in the marketplace could not provide. A few of the most effective realities regarding floor tiles are that they are sturdy, functional, eye-catching as well as could substantially enhance the appearance of a residence. On the disadvantage, eventually, floor tiles could come to be cracked, filthy, dull and also fractured or even though periodic scrubbing up might maintain them tidy for time, they are most likely to shed their sparkle unless they get floor tile flooring cleaning company by an expert.

The cleaner will certainly additionally take excellent treatment of the ceramic tiles without damaging or creating problems to the ceramic tiles.

Cleaning floor tiles effectively is not a simple job particularly in a wet setting like the bathroom and kitchen yet working with experts to do all the grunt work for you will certainly verify to be really beneficial. Listed here are several of the leading advantages you will certainly obtain after employing expert ceramic tile cleaning company.

This implies that your floor tiles will certainly remain in excellent qualified hands with no danger of harming them with the incorrect services. With excellent as well as tidy looking ceramic tiles, you will certainly not have to believe of spending in a brand-new flooring that might cost you an entire great deal of cash.

On the disadvantage, after a while, ceramic tiles could end up being cracked, unclean, drab as well as broken as well as also though periodic scrubbing up can maintain them tidy for some time, they are most likely to shed their luster unless they get floor tile flooring cleaning solutions by an expert.

When cleaning solutions are performed with the floor tiles, they will certainly look pristine eliminating also the discolorations that looked irreversible. They leave the ceramic tiles sparkly tidy as well as looking like brand-new, which is exactly how you desire them to look. With the best specialist ceramic tile cleaning company, your floor tiles will certainly never ever shed their luster.

Since it can be conveniently harmed, Cement is really vital component of the floor tiles as well as it requires added treatment while cleaning. It is essential that the appropriate items are utilized to tidy cement. Cement in damp locations could likewise trigger mould and also it ought to be well cleansed by a professional to avoid this from taking place.

Clove Oil has lots of amazing benefits and useful properties for cleaning

Clove Oil – The Magic Solution to Cleaning
Clove oil has lots of amazing benefits and useful properties for cleaning. For all the types of cleaning, end of lease cleaning can be one of the hardest especially if you need to remove mould from your bathroom ceiling. Most people don’t realise that bleach only lightens the pigmentation of mould and doesn’t kill it. You can quite easily make up your own mould cleaning solution by doing the following:

Dilute ¼ teaspoon of oil of cloves with one litre of water. Put it into a spray bottle for easy use.
Most people spray the affected area and wait 24hours before washing off. For cleaning the bathroom ceiling which is generally the most affected areas to clean during an end of lease clean, spray the roof of the bathroom and leave overnight. Then grab yourself a sponge mop and a clean bucket of water. I usually use a bit of sugar soap in the bucket of water then dip the mop, wring it out and wipe the affected areas and continue to wash and rinse the mop as you go. The good thing about this method with the sponge mop is the sponge wont damage the paint on the ceiling.

clove oil
Real estate agents and landlord can sometimes come down hard on tenants if they do routine inspections and see mould growing on the ceiling of your bathroom. Most tenants unfortunately leave this problem for far too long as rely on end of lease cleaners to kill the mould during the end of lease cleaning process. This is not recommended as this is not only bad for your health but not good in the eyes of the managing agent.

You can buy clove oil at most places that sell natural essences. Most people purchase their clove oil from essential oils and incense shops. It’s relatively cheap considering its powerful cleaning properties.
Remember, the above method is the best solution without having to use toxic chemicals when end of lease cleaning. You may want to head down the eco friendly path for a number of reasons. Bleach may cause headaches and that is generally the first chemical which most people reach for in order to get rid of their mould problem but like I said, this doesn’t kill the mould.

Can homemade cleaning products save you money when end of lease cleaning?

home made cleaning productsBefore all the hype and marketing of cleaning products was around there was the good old fashion home cleaning products. You know the homemade cleaning products our grandparents and great grandparents used. Most companies have started referring back to these homemade whiz products as for one they are cheap and secondly non-toxic.

With so many chemicals on the market these days it’s no wonder why every second person is getting sick. It’s in our foods more than ever and of course it’s in our cleaning products. Who really know what all these chemicals are doing to our bodies. You can still get good if not better results from using homemade cleaning products according to cleaning services Melbourne. With so many recipes on-line these days you be mad not give it a try. More often than not, you’re going to find that most of the products are sitting somewhere in your pantry cupboard anyway.

A friend of mine puts vinegar in his dishwasher to give the dishwasher a flush every week or so. He swears by it and or course it’s the non-toxic solution. Heck, vinegar’s been around for a long time and I still know people who mop their floors with it.

Toothpaste has lots of really good uses including cleaning walls. You can use toothpaste on a damp cloth to remove finger marks, crayon and scuff marks. I know it sounds crazy using toothpaste but there are so many products that you’ll find in your own home that can be used for cleaning. You can even use it on carpets to remove most stains. A lot of cleaning services in Melbourne opting for the more Eco friendly way of cleaning as it’s cheap and doesn’t harm the environment.

Use the same method discussed above and grab yourself a damp cloth and work the toothpaste into the carpet stain. You’ll be very surprised how well this works. Just be mindful that sometimes it can make the spot where you’ve been cleaning seem a lot cleaner than the rest of the carpet so having the carpets steam cleaned afterwards or at least on a regular basis will help. If you’re carpet cleaning I would suggest using a professional carpet cleaning company as you don’t want to damage the carpets.

You can clean silverware with toothpaste also. Use either a light scouring pad or cloth and work the toothpaste into your silverware. Once you’re done, give it a rinse and polish clean with a microfiber cloth. I’m sure you know a few good hints and tips passed down from your family so give them a try.

Removing glue from items

With all the different types of glues on the market first and foremost I would recommend contacting the manufacturer to see what they would recommend on ‘how to remove’ their type of glue and recommendations on stain removal.

If you’ve got glue on your sofa you will first want to scrape of the excess glue using either a plastic scraper or even a butter knife. You can then use a sponge and some dish-washing liquid and start working yRemoving glueour way into the stain in a circular motion. Have a cloth handy so you can wipe away any excess foam or soap and repeat the process.

Try and get to the glue before it hardens as the sooner you can scrape it off and start the cleaning process the easier it will be in the long run. Agents can come down on your hard if you leave sofas or upholstery stained at the end of your lease so the quicker you fix the problem the better. If you haven’t got to it soon enough, you’ll have to call a carpet cleaning company

With carpets you follow the same methods as above to an extent. Scrape off any excess glue, sponge some dish washing liquid and foam up the area. Dab a cloth to remove as much of the detergent as possible and repeat until the stain looks like it’s gone. Most companies recommend using a little bit of ammonia with a couple of cups of water and sponge for stubborn stains. Sponge water on the area (to rinse) and blot dry with a cloth or towel.

With clothes you can spray with a reputable stain remover and wash in the washing machine on the hottest possible setting. This should remove the stain and glue. If the glue has gone hard as you failed to get to it on time you can always rub some hand cleaner or petroleum jelly into the stain then place either a hot towel or paper towels soaked in hot/warm water on top of the stain and leave for an hour or two. This should soften the glue making it easier for you to repeat the processes above. Good luck!