Can homemade cleaning products save you money when end of lease cleaning?

home made cleaning productsBefore all the hype and marketing of cleaning products was around there was the good old fashion home cleaning products. You know the homemade cleaning products our grandparents and great grandparents used. Most companies have started referring back to these homemade whiz products as for one they are cheap and secondly non-toxic.

With so many chemicals on the market these days it’s no wonder why every second person is getting sick. It’s in our foods more than ever and of course it’s in our cleaning products. Who really know what all these chemicals are doing to our bodies. You can still get good if not better results from using homemade cleaning products according to cleaning services Melbourne. With so many recipes on-line these days you be mad not give it a try. More often than not, you’re going to find that most of the products are sitting somewhere in your pantry cupboard anyway.

A friend of mine puts vinegar in his dishwasher to give the dishwasher a flush every week or so. He swears by it and or course it’s the non-toxic solution. Heck, vinegar’s been around for a long time and I still know people who mop their floors with it.

Toothpaste has lots of really good uses including cleaning walls. You can use toothpaste on a damp cloth to remove finger marks, crayon and scuff marks. I know it sounds crazy using toothpaste but there are so many products that you’ll find in your own home that can be used for cleaning. You can even use it on carpets to remove most stains. A lot of cleaning services in Melbourne opting for the more Eco friendly way of cleaning as it’s cheap and doesn’t harm the environment.

Use the same method discussed above and grab yourself a damp cloth and work the toothpaste into the carpet stain. You’ll be very surprised how well this works. Just be mindful that sometimes it can make the spot where you’ve been cleaning seem a lot cleaner than the rest of the carpet so having the carpets steam cleaned afterwards or at least on a regular basis will help. If you’re carpet cleaning I would suggest using a professional carpet cleaning company as you don’t want to damage the carpets.

You can clean silverware with toothpaste also. Use either a light scouring pad or cloth and work the toothpaste into your silverware. Once you’re done, give it a rinse and polish clean with a microfiber cloth. I’m sure you know a few good hints and tips passed down from your family so give them a try.

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