Clove Oil has lots of amazing benefits and useful properties for cleaning

Clove Oil – The Magic Solution to Cleaning
Clove oil has lots of amazing benefits and useful properties for cleaning. For all the types of cleaning, end of lease cleaning can be one of the hardest especially if you need to remove mould from your bathroom ceiling. Most people don’t realise that bleach only lightens the pigmentation of mould and doesn’t kill it. You can quite easily make up your own mould cleaning solution by doing the following:

Dilute ¼ teaspoon of oil of cloves with one litre of water. Put it into a spray bottle for easy use.
Most people spray the affected area and wait 24hours before washing off. For cleaning the bathroom ceiling which is generally the most affected areas to clean during an end of lease clean, spray the roof of the bathroom and leave overnight. Then grab yourself a sponge mop and a clean bucket of water. I usually use a bit of sugar soap in the bucket of water then dip the mop, wring it out and wipe the affected areas and continue to wash and rinse the mop as you go. The good thing about this method with the sponge mop is the sponge wont damage the paint on the ceiling.

clove oil
Real estate agents and landlord can sometimes come down hard on tenants if they do routine inspections and see mould growing on the ceiling of your bathroom. Most tenants unfortunately leave this problem for far too long as rely on end of lease cleaners to kill the mould during the end of lease cleaning process. This is not recommended as this is not only bad for your health but not good in the eyes of the managing agent.

You can buy clove oil at most places that sell natural essences. Most people purchase their clove oil from essential oils and incense shops. It’s relatively cheap considering its powerful cleaning properties.
Remember, the above method is the best solution without having to use toxic chemicals when end of lease cleaning. You may want to head down the eco friendly path for a number of reasons. Bleach may cause headaches and that is generally the first chemical which most people reach for in order to get rid of their mould problem but like I said, this doesn’t kill the mould.


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