Removing glue from items

With all the different types of glues on the market first and foremost I would recommend contacting the manufacturer to see what they would recommend on ‘how to remove’ their type of glue and recommendations on stain removal.

If you’ve got glue on your sofa you will first want to scrape of the excess glue using either a plastic scraper or even a butter knife. You can then use a sponge and some dish-washing liquid and start working yRemoving glueour way into the stain in a circular motion. Have a cloth handy so you can wipe away any excess foam or soap and repeat the process.

Try and get to the glue before it hardens as the sooner you can scrape it off and start the cleaning process the easier it will be in the long run. Agents can come down on your hard if you leave sofas or upholstery stained at the end of your lease so the quicker you fix the problem the better. If you haven’t got to it soon enough, you’ll have to call a carpet cleaning company

With carpets you follow the same methods as above to an extent. Scrape off any excess glue, sponge some dish washing liquid and foam up the area. Dab a cloth to remove as much of the detergent as possible and repeat until the stain looks like it’s gone. Most companies recommend using a little bit of ammonia with a couple of cups of water and sponge for stubborn stains. Sponge water on the area (to rinse) and blot dry with a cloth or towel.

With clothes you can spray with a reputable stain remover and wash in the washing machine on the hottest possible setting. This should remove the stain and glue. If the glue has gone hard as you failed to get to it on time you can always rub some hand cleaner or petroleum jelly into the stain then place either a hot towel or paper towels soaked in hot/warm water on top of the stain and leave for an hour or two. This should soften the glue making it easier for you to repeat the processes above. Good luck!

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