Steam Cleaning Your Carpets around the Mornington Peninsula

Steam cleaning man

Usually after a long break or busy summer a lot of people will want to give the carpets a good steam clean due to the high foot traffic that has been in and out of the home and also to remove dust and any other possible allergens that may be lurking within the carpeting or rugs.

In this article I’ll show you how to go about steam cleaning your carpets, rugs, and upholstery. This is especially useful for people living around Frankston, Sorrento, Portsea, Rosebud, Dromana and the entire Mornington Peninsula and looking for a professional carpet cleaning service.

Preparing your home for the steam cleaning process

Firstly you need to pick a time when most people are out of the house. It’s always best to stay clean carpets in the morning, as this will allow maximum dry time during the day. It’s good if you have kids to go around and pick up any toys (or make them do it) which are laying around on the floors. Move all the small furniture to a place that is out of the way such as a laundry or outdoor area.

Another important point to remember when it comes to removing furniture is that the more areas that you can get to i.e. the high traffic areas, the cleaner your carpets will be at the end of the job. If you’re vacating the property for end of lease carpet cleaning then you won’t need to do much at all, apart from giving the home a good vacuum and making sure your utilities are connected.
If you’re going to steam the carpets yourself its best to aim the PH to be around the 10 or even less mark as this won’t affect the carpet in any negative way. Having the PH to high can cause problems with yellowing or browning due to too much product in the carpets. This can cause cellulose browning or yellowing.

If you’re hiring a professional carpet cleaning service make sure you give the carpet cleaner clear passage to water access, preferably the laundry as this will be outro if the way and make sure there will be the least amount of disruptions when it comes to a busy household.

Most machines that you hire will not give off that much pressure and suction so be advised there will be quite a lot of water that you will need to remove and you may need to do a number of passes to insure that the carpet is relatively dry and you have extracted the most amount of cleaning detergent and moisture out of your carpets. The last this you want is too much water being left in the carpets too long causing problems like mould, mildew and water marks.

Mornington Peninsula carpet cleaners will steam clean the property leaving no damp areas and will make sure the carpets are ready to walk on when they leave. See

They are experts in cleaning carpets which means that you don’t have to worry about things like over wetting which can cause a lot of problems mentioned earlier.

After the cleaning process has been completed by the carpet cleaning company make sure you open up all the windows if it’s a nice day or alternatively, turn on the air conditioner or fans. This will create plenty of the much needed airflow which speeds up the drying process.

If you need to replace your carpet check out

Be very careful not to put furniture back on damp carpet as this can cause staining due to the tannin from the wood leaching onto your carpets. I always suggest at least 24 hours before you start to move furniture back into their rightful place. Once the carpet is dry make sure you give them a good vacuum to bring the pile up and back into place which can sometimes look a bit odd after steam cleaning. If you want to decide on whether dry cleaning or steam cleaning is good for you check out this video below and you be the judge.

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